“ We decided to work with Steve because we wanted our home to have something special, something really unique”

Custom metalwork really makes a dramatic impact in the home setting. Over the years, we’ve done just about everything you can think of, in homes large and small.

Consider this an invitation. Whether you know what you want, or are simply curious about the work I do, I am happy to provide an initial presentation of my work to you free of charge. In some cases I am able to make a presentation in person – it may also be a combination of phone, and email. The consultation is tailored specifically to you – whether you are outfitting a large custom home with metalwork throughout, or you are wanting to commission a simple single item.

There is no “typical” home project. The bulk of our work is what we call ‘Whole House Work,” where we work with owners and architects to create a custom look throughout the whole house. We also do singular pieces in custom lighting, fireplace doors, range hoods, custom door hardware, railing, as well as interior detailing such as copper counter tops, bronze sinks and back splashes and furniture

Once the scope of the project is determined, we start the design process. For simpler projects the design time is included in the up front cost estimate for the item. For larger, less determinate projects the designing time is charged by the hour, and mock-ups (if required) are provided at a cost of time and materials. In either case, you will approve the completed design plan before production begins.

Steve and I began our journey and work together by exploring the culture and prominent shapes of the Navajo Indians through books, pottery, blankets and artifacts, as this would be a strong influence throughout the entire house. Steve immediately grasped the vision and feel that I was looking for and was able to translate our conversations into strong, handcrafted works of art. Steve is a rare form of artisan in that he can encapsulate each clients design direction as it it were his personal passion. The entire process was not only inspirational and pleasurable, but I am forever left with the gifts of remarkable pieces of art created by someone I can now call a dear friend. – D. Boutros

A cost estimate is provided to you when a specific design is selected. This estimate is within 15% of the final billing for that design, provided no changes are made during production. Projects estimated to cost over $5,000 require an upfront payment of 50% of the estimate. Pricing is highly customized, but as an illustration – door hardware can run $400-$1,000; a simple chandelier $3,500-$5,000; a curved stair railing might cost $50,000.

Whole House Work
Significantly larger bodies of work require that we schedule the appropriate amount of shop time – often turning away other projects. My commitment to such a project requires a retainer and a non-refundable deposit from the client. Both the retainer and the deposit will apply toward the final project cost. After the retainer is applied, we bill the remaining cost monthly according to the percent of job completion.