“I had no idea you could do that with metal.”

Steve encourages a collaborative design process that explores the possibilities of metal and thus commission a body of work that meets a designer’s or architect’s specific aesthetic ideals and project requirements.

Whether you specialize in a Modern design philosophy, or specialize in Craftsman, Northwest, Mediterranean, or Asian influence – Steve has over three decades of experience designing and hand-forging metal solutions on-time and on-budget.

I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with Steve Lopes on one prominent project (so far). As an architect I enjoy working directly with artisans like Steve who are simultaneously masters at their craft, able to incorporate architectural requirements, communicate clearly, and who welcome my creative input. Steve is very creatively stimulating to work with; accepting challenges without alarm and in turn constructively illuminating design challenges that will need resolution by the architect; offering valuable insights; and contributing new ideas. In other words, Steve appreciates the give and take of the design process as much as I do! The beauty of his creations speak for themselves. I wholeheartedly endorse him and his fine work. – Mark Elster, Principal, AOME Architects PS

Steve’s work produced in collaboration with design professionals can be found in homes and structures throughout the US, including the Pacific Northwest, California, Sun Valley, Colorado, and Washington D.C.

Clients include:
Bruce and Jeannie Nordstrom, Hal Molstad Architect, John Nordstrom, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Larry Ellison, 4D Architects, AOME Architects, Cheryl Chenault Interiors, Fairbank Construction, Terry and Judine Brooks, Karolyn and Roger Katz Interiors and architecture, Faulkner Architects, MWA Architects, Ward/Young Architects, Bently Interiors, June Brown Interiors, Steve Dona Architects, and many more.